Let it be noted by all concerned that this is not a mere one-time activity. After this initial impetus , we hope that all the welfare activity and development programs here continue to expand and grow on an ongoing basis. and most of it will be initiated, maintained and coordinated by the Gurudwara Board Itself.

What we Aim at Nanded is that in course of time it becomes a model community centre of Sikh Way of life, considering that Sikhism is the religion of service to the entire humanity. Thus it means total social commitment, without any distinction of caste and creed or high and low.

We would therefore welcome Sponsors for various new programs and donors for our different projects. And we hope to expand all this as we go along. To make this Endeavour a resounding success we have adopted a full proof accounting system with the help of modern technology including computerization that our sponsors and donors can trust.

Our Aim is that not a paisa of Your Donations is misspent or misappropriated. Not just that we want it to be well spent and equally well accounted for, as intended. For us, it is an opportunity of a lifetime considering that generations elapse before another such opportunity presents itself.

We shall therefore gratefully advice you to kindly enter into correspondence with us so that we can properly guide you on all matters.

All Cheques and drafts, etc, must be sent to the following Address for the issuance of a prompt receipt or any kind of satisfaction.

All Donations will be exempted from Income Tax Under Section 80(G) of the income tax act for the convenience of devotee we have computerize the entire accounts system, ensuring immediate issuance of receipts to all donors.

You can contribute Online through this site using Master or Visa Card.For donations upto 1 lakh you can use NEFT and for the amount upto 1 lakh and above RTGS is also there. Donations are also accepted by Cheque/ Demand draft. All Cheques/ Demand Draft may be address to 'Supdt., Takhat Sachkhand Sri Hazur Sahib'. For further Information Contact :
For further Information Contact :

Takhat Sachkhand Sri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahibji.
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