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The Management of Takhat Sri Hazur Sahib is controlled by Gurudwara Sachkand Board, Nanded. It consists of 0 members who are distinguished leaders of the Sikh Community. The Board is presently headed by , who is the Administrator of G.S. Board Nanded. The Board is responsible for day to day running of Takhat Sahib and takes care of all the Gurdwaras in the vicinity. It is due to the dedication and continuous efforts of the Board members that Takhat Sahib and all the Gurdwaras are in good condition and the devotees are experiencing the best of services to enable them to have Darshans without any trouble. The Board is actively involved in the charity and social works.

Board Members

The activities and services offered by the Board include the following :

  • All the devotees visiting Takhat Sahib are provided free as well as rented rooms during their stay in Nanded. There are currently around 650 rooms .These accommodations are available in the Gurudwara complex as well as outside the complex. There are both air-conditioned and non-air conditioned rooms available. Accommodations can be booked (subject to availability) at the reception of these Sarai/ Niwas. Advance reservation is possible by on-line booking through the website.
  • Devotees can partake of ‘Guru ka langar’ for free meals. Langar express the ethics of Sharing, community, inclusiveness and oneness of all humankind. There is quality check on the food served. It has a langar Hall, in which thousands of people can be accommodated. Besides the langar attached to Gurudwaras, there are improvised open-air Langar's at the time of festivals and Gurpurabs. Langar is also served to devotees at the railway station at Nanded.
  • A charitable dispensary and Dashmesh hospital runs under the aegis of the Management Board. Emergency needs can be taken care by Dashmesh Hospital which is open for 24 hours. It regularly organises blood donation camps. Medical treatment is provided to out-patients along with the ambulance services. It has three floors with the facility of operation theatre, out patient ward, X-Ray Room etc. Anyone can get the life membership of Dashmesh hospital after paying a fee of Rs.45,000/-. This amount is deposited as F.D.R and with the interest from F.D.R Management Board meets the requirements of hospital.
  • Provides financial help for the treatment of the poor. The sevaks go out and help the victims of natural disasters.
  • Run a kindergarden, primary / higher secondary schools and industrial training institute. "Sri Hazur Sahib Institute Technology" was constructed in the year 1984. Hundred of students are taking technical training in 16 different trades.
  • Adopt children from Banjara community and provide free boarding, lodging and education
  • Support sportsmen, run a library, physical fitness centre, Gurumath Centre, Sikh hostels and also publish monthly magazines. Hazur Library has approximate 15,000 books. Library is managed by courteous and competent staff. It also provides daily, weekly and monthly Journals, Magazines in Punjabi, Hindi, English, Urdu and Marathi languages.
  • The Gurudwara Management Board has provided a Taksal (Religious training School) for the regional and local children. Through the taksal the local children are being trained in writing and reading Gurmukhi script. Every year 100 to 200 children are being trained by this Taksal.
  • Organises community marriages twice a year where about 100 marriages are solicited. The Board has raised the fund "Community Marriage (Melawa) fund. The Board makes the necessary arrangements for tents, langar, accommodation etc during the "MELAWA"
  • Organises all festivals in India like Dassera, Diwali, Holi, Besakhi etc.
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